Odd Times–Spring 2021

Odd Times–Spring 2021

OK Boomers

OK Boomers, cartoon by Pat Arnow © 2021
Old people can be inside together without masks while most everyone else has to wait. This is just what it’s like. ©Pat Arnow 2021

Animals and their people

To see enlarged photo, click on it, and you can scroll through the gallery.

Crocheted Emoji Kleenex Box Cover

Steve and I after our vaccines

This is the rest of the image featured in the header. It’s a homeless person’s loaded cart with cardboard that makes a nice table for morning coffee in the East Village.

5 thoughts on “Odd Times–Spring 2021

  1. Great captured moments as usual, your braid is fantastic, and your cartooning is getting to be New Yorker quality. Also, not only do I want a braid like yours, I now want a pet pig. Thanks for making my day with these glorious things.


  2. Pet pig is so cool! He/she looks so happy. I want one too! Congrats on your vaccinations yall look great! Love from Austin!


  3. Seeing your incredible shots makes me miss NYC even more. Glad that you are vaccinated! I am working on a trip to my former hood sometime in May and hope to see both of you then.


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