Subway Series

Sketches on the F Train

Even though it’s hard to draw on the subway because the trains jerk and people move or new people get on at the next stop and block the view, I like to sketch passengers. There are so many personalities, even when they’re asleep or staring at their phones.

5 thoughts on “Subway Series

  1. Plenty of subway culture (?) here!
    Liking these a lot. Egon would be jealous…
    I’m also in awe of your motivation, discipline and talent in doing things like this!
    Please send me some of it!

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  2. pat… how exciting to see your work. nothing – surpasses the human figure as far as I’m concerned for interest, variety, mystery.I can see the gradual change in your  the relaxed nature of your approach to the face, special details that make each one unique. the magic of line quality, quick simple yet expressive, dramatic characteristics…looks like you enjoy the activity…its all evident .how long does each sketch take?guessing your figure drawing class is hard work but exciting… look forward to hearing more about it, whos in there, the teacher, etc.

    pens? maybe?? certain ball points have just the right, fluid feel.thanks for sending.

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