Nice little old lady isn’t

A great moment in a great chilly brilliant day in New York:

I stopped in front of the Punjab Deli on Houston St. on the Lower East Side to lean on an iron rail basking for a few minutes in the sunshine. A tiny ancient person, bent over a bubbe cart, passed and said, “It’s nice in the sun.” I said it sure was. She stopped, turned her head up toward me, and out of the side of her mouth, like she was telling me a secret, she said, “I’m going to the corner for cookies.” 

About five minutes later, I headed the same way, and she had just made it to the corner, that’s how slowly she was going. I was surprised that she went into the fancy Union Market. I went in behind her, but the narrow lanes were crowded, so I hesitated as the old woman trundled on. Then came the highlight of the day: She shouted at the good-looking tall people in the way, “Get the fuck outta the aisle.”

I went on to Tompkins Square Park in the East Village where the most magnificent elm is shedding its leaves.



7 thoughts on “Nice little old lady isn’t

  1. Yeah, do not go gently into that good night! Saw a silver-haired lady in my neighborhood wearing a black T-shirt with big letters warning all hipsters who would deem her invisible: “I”m Not Dead Yet!”

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  2. Dear Pat and Steve,(private letter) We both enjoyed your story so much. I envy the elderly lady her ‘ What the hell ! ‘ attitude. Winchester is a city full of extreme ages. We have a huge university presence, who walk in solid unyielding groups, all quite deaf, I presume, as they yell at each other from a hand’s distance. The other’s are those on motorised scooters, who silently creep up behind you on the pavement. I shouldn’t complain about any of these groups as I don’t hear so well these days, and at some point I may be glad of a scooter. We’ve had a flood of emails and photos from Scotland. My cousin’s daughter and daughter -in -law had their first babies a week apart in September, so we’ve received pictures of all the Scottish relatives holding them. Hallowe’en had the little girl in a witch’s outfit.! I’ve put in the latest photo I took of Marcella’s trough. The wavy grass had swamped the whole thing and was making a bid for freedom, so I pulled it out, and tidied it all up. The adult hedgehogs seem to have abandoned my garden and entered hibernation, but three very young ones, about 4 inches long, appeared 5 days ago. I thought I should be taking them to a rescue centre, but the advice I got was that if they were active and eating, and only  coming out at night I should leave them alone till the weather gets very cold. This is just as well as , when I tried to catch one, it took off like a rocket. I thought they would curl up and I could just lift them into a box. The great rush towards Christmas has started here. We don’t do anything special, but used to go up to Scotland to celebrate New Year. Our health hasn’t been too good so we will have a quiet time at home. Warmest good wishes from Avril and Greg


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