New Orleans Week

Latter Library, New Orleans
This old mansion is our neighborhood library. I got a library card right away.

8 thoughts on “New Orleans Week

  1. The tall, lopsided lumps are cypress knees. These swamp loving trees have shallow roots but stay upright by virtue of their widespread lumpy root system. These are not the trees that get knocked over in hurricanes.

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  2. Looks so fun. I’m a big Star Wars fan so I appreciate all the Princess Leias in attendance. Don’t forget to go to the 1815 Battle of New Orleans Historic Site! It’s like a 20 minute drive, but there is also an amazing crab shack on the way where you just order boiled blue crab by the each, depending on size, and beer and that’s all they sell. Worth the trip!

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  3. There were a lot of Princes Leias but I only saw one Wookie, a very big one with pink fur. I missed them, as I’ve always crushed hard on the Wookie. We’ll check out the Battle of New Orleans.


  4. It’s me, anonymous Ellie, who will never talk to you again because no matter where you travel, no matter how elegant the library, you are going to get shallow books! Seriously, that library looks like a good reason to move there. Did you get a “geaux cup” while barhopping yet? First night of Mardi Gras looks fabulous. My friend who lives there didn’t go because it was a chilly night, and she “didn’t move to NOLA to be cold,”

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  5. Well, I am judging you and I say that your photos of the swamps and critters that inhabit them are wonderful!
    Also was sorry to see that Steve is smoking and drinking again but I do like his hair piled up like that.

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