New Orleans home

We moved into our sweet little shotgun cottage not far from the Mississippi and Audobon Park and Magazine St.

Here’s the front of our little house.

Right away we visited the Tree of Life–the live oak planted in 1740 and now covered in Spanish moss and resurrection ferns. We found it bike riding around last year in Audobon Park.

See Steve under there?

We’ve had an oyster po’ boy, a cup of gumbo, a root beer snowball from Sno-LA.

3 thoughts on “New Orleans home

  1. That tree one of my favorite climbers as a kid..lots a roaches in those oaks! Don’t let you do that anymore. Also monkey hill in the park , where we learned what a hill was. Tell those swans and duckies hello for me!
    Miss a walk in that park almost more than gumbo…Check out new sculptures at City Park and eat a beignet there for me please, in the old concession stand not far from museum.
    AND Sno Bliz on Tchoupitoulas Street
    Softest snow ball you’ll ever eat. Worth the line.


  2. The park is magic still and always. Aw, Sno Bliz isn’t open till after Mardi Gras, and we’re right near it. Meantime we have Sno LA uptown. Pretty good right there. I’ll look for Monkey Hill. And City Park, thanks for the tip. Headed to Liuzza’s today but got sidetracked by Katie’s, a Po’ Boy and gumbo. I love it here. Wish you were here, too.


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