Big Puffy Bunnies

Big Puffy Bunnies

Two-story air-filled white rabbits are decorating Capitalism Central—an area near the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. Oh the metaphors you could draw from that, but instead, here are some photos of the seven giant bunnies. The art installation is called Intrude, by Amanda Parer. It is at the Brookfield Center—formerly The World Financial Center—on the Hudson River for just a week.

Click on an image to enlarge it, and you can scroll through them all and see the captions.

6 thoughts on “Big Puffy Bunnies

  1. Hi Pat I love these bunnies!!! I wish they were made of paper and bamboo though PS what was the name of the best fast camera lense you recommended. a year or so ago ..for a canon .see you soon! xx tinka

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  2. They musta not liked SF and hopped off early – “Intrude displays in San Francisco from April 4 through April 25 before hopping off to its next destination in New York City.”

    Your photos and photo story are top notch, Walt and all. Makes me yearn for that big expect the unexpected city. Do you know Bunnicula? Someone in my clay class made a Bunnicula. She cut off her head at one point so she could set her up for some smokey incense burning that will come out her ears, eyes and mouth……..

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