Month: January 2016

A Short Comic About a Long Friendship

Brian and I became friends in Chicago right after he graduated from high school, and I had a crummy job downtown. We had big adventures, then fell out of touch for a long time. For 18 years, he has been very sick. This is the comic I drew after visiting him recently in Seattle, where he had moved:

Beautiful Brian: The former magnet magnate on collecting magazines, Xanax, and survival. A comic by Pat Arnow 1Brian(Arnow) 2Brian(Arnow) 3Brian(Arnow) 4Brian(Arnow) 5Brian(Arnow) 6Brian(Arnow) 7Brian(Arnow) 8Brian(Arnow) 9Brian(Arnow)

These photos I took of Brian in 1971 and during a visit in 2015 to Seattle where he moved.

Brian Chicago 1971 (Photo by Pat Arnow)Brian in Seattle 2015 (photo by Pat Arnow)


Update: Brian did move to Chicago last year. He persists.