The Ruined Resort of Curaçao

Along a beautiful, disheveled beach are the remains of a bankrupted hotel. This is on Santa Martha’s Bay, about halfway up the island, far from the cruise terminals of Willemstad. Abandoned about nine years ago, all the windows, doors, and fixtures have been removed, and the place is crumbling. These ruins below our rental house added a spooky magic to a charming trip with friends Ken and Clarence.






Remains of a miniature golf course


Unexpected hazards
Putt around the thorns.


The pool had a swim-up bar.



Besides the glorious ruins, the beautiful beaches and views called.


And fabulous friends



3 thoughts on “The Ruined Resort of Curaçao

  1. Curacao is a Dutch colony. There were a lot of Dutch tourists. Residents spoke Paiamento and Dutch, a little English, a little Spanish. A lot of arm waving. Most of the island outside of Willemstad is not too crowded or well groomed. In fact, it’s a bit scruffy around the edges, which we liked. Not a Disney island. But beautiful turquoise water with coral and colorful fish we could see as we snorkeled around.

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