My Own Orwell Moment

This was unsettling:

At the turn of the century, I worked as a research editor for Readers Digest, which had offices at 260 Madison Ave. in Midtown. Last week, when Steve and I had an appointment there, it was the first time I’d been in the building since 2002. Readers Digest had long since departed, too.

Steve showed his ID at the security desk in the remodeled, unrecognizable lobby–new management, new owners. The officer took Steve’s photo and printed out a visitor label with the picture. I showed my ID. The officer didn’t take my picture, but quickly handed me a label.

Here is my visitor’s badge with the photo taken in 2000:IMG_1119

Big brother has been watching for a long time.

8 thoughts on “My Own Orwell Moment

  1. pat. surely, you jest. here’s another humorous measurement from our mutual time clock. last Saturday, Chicago therapy buddy, Rose, and I attended art festival in Madison, IN.
    I received a fine compliment from fellow older lady on my long cotton jumper- your former Limited beige, brown plaid ensemble. somehow, it came home with me from Durham! those many years ago. We laughed about how many fabulous garments that got away !!

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