Virgin Days in Oaxaca

Virgin Days in Oaxaca

Dancers with images of the Virgin of Guadalupe
In a procession from a church in Oaxaca, women balancing portraits of the Virgin of Guadalupe spin and dance down the street.
Girl dressed up in Oaxaca.
Families flock to Llano Park in Oaxaca with their children dressed up to pose in Biblical scenes set up by photographers around the front of the church. Children sit on donkeys–either large plush ones or real ones. This self-possessed girl with perfect makeup and charming braids was ready for her close-up.
Little girl as Virgin of Guadalupe
A little girl dressed as the Virgin of Guadalupe on a float in a procession.
Man dancing with turkey.
Steve especially loved this guy dancing with a turkey under his arm in the procession for the Virgin of Guadalupe.
The full moon rises over Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca. The domes are plaid.
The full moon rises over Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca. The domes are plaid.

9 thoughts on “Virgin Days in Oaxaca

  1. Both you and your camera are doing a beautiful job! I love that church photo.
    Hope you are having a wondeful time. I dream of the warm weather.
    Looks like Christmas will be crazy-fun there!

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  2. Hermosa. Beautiful. It made me want to be a virgin again. Almost. I’m moving to Oaxaca and joining Jews for Jesus right away. What a stunning child looking right at you. Ditto on the comment about Steve carrying around a turkey, real or crocheted, in New York— I’m waiting. Thanks for bringing all of that color and joy into our winter-lit apartments.


  3. I remember a similar night-time festival in a small village in Peru a decade ago. It was haunting in its beauty and strangeness. You’ve captured that aura.


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